Collaborative working is one of the key business issues of our time. New technologies have transformed working life and a growing number of organisations recognise that successful collaboration enhances performance.


 - Collaborative lounge and meeting areas


 - Internal partitioning and glazing


 - Hot design benches


 - Office pods and collaborative work spaces


 - Training rooms and showrooms


 - Office reception

Office pods offer a great modular quiet-room solution for the open plan office space. 

Office pods vary in design depending on the requirement of the space.

Glazed office pods offer a modern looking open space similar of that to a glazed partition, but without the need to be fixed. Add acoustic panels to the pod to enhance the privacy.

Office pods are an effective method for interior rooms especially in rented space where the landlord forbids fixed partitions. Office pods are modular by nature, allowing the pods to be easily extended as your business grows or be relocated to new premises.


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